Hillan Coatings & Accessories is a supplier of quality tools and accessories to surface preparation and coatings contractors throughout the UK.

25 Years’ Surface Preparation & Coatings Experience

Hillan Coatings & Accessories has over 25 years’ experience in surface preparation and coating installation. The knowledge and expertise gained over this time has given us the insight to develop a portfolio of specialist tools which are required to achieve the best possible results when applying your coating systems, whether it be a single part air cure or a 2/3 pack system.

Our market therefore transcends all areas including: new build construction, factory maintenance, schools, commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial spaces and medical applications. To assist with your projects Hillan Coatings & Accessories will work with you at the specification and tendering stages to offer the best possible solution at the most competitive price.

Professional Associations

We are members of Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce, the Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Mersey Maritime.

Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce
Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Mersey Maritime